Contact data

Karme Fabjanac
Luka 51
21480 Rukavac, otok Vis
email: Krunoslav Marković



The island of Vis is situated in the middle of the Adriatic coast. The climate is mild, the sea is crystal clear just like the air. There is no industry on the island. Vis has been for 2400 years an urban centre, 400 years BC.

Property / microlocation description

The island is suitable for the physical and mental renewal.You can go for a long walk or ride a bike in the countryside. Local diving clubs organise visits to submarine locations. It is also possible to visit the island's steeps by appropriate cars.

Distances / macrolocation description

There are also daily and half-daily trips by boat on quite a few attractive locations. The ferry from Split puts in the port of Vis two times a day out of the season, and three times a day during the tourist season. Vis and Rukavac are linked by two lane road which is 10 km long.


The appartment is in the family house in the place Rukavac on the south-east coast of the island, sourrounded by a garden and is the only appartment for rent in the whole house, there are no other guests. The owner is on the first floor of the same house. The appartment has three rooms, each containig two beds. It has a kitchen and a bathroom. From the appartment you can approach the roofed over terrace which is approx. 25 sq m big and a terrace appropriate for sun bathing which is approx. 30 sq m big. There is also a yard approx. 30 sq m big together with a shower and a fire place appropriate for cooking. One parking place belongs to guests.